Looxcie LX 2 Video Camera

Looxie LX 2 Video Camera

In today’s Era, Camera is a hot topic fight where people are still confused in Stand-Alone cameras and Mobile phone camera. So here comes Looxcie LX 2 Video Camera that fulfills both. Looxcie LX 2 provides you the mobility and also Stand-Alone feature, Where it is individual device that also provides you the integration in the Smartphone and some other tech. And it is wearable and quite easy to use it anywhere.

Looxie LX 2 Video Camera

There are many people in this world that want their moments recorded anytime to every time. They want to capture what there eyes are seeing for them. And also those persons who want their moments to be shared on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter. Looxcie LX 2 is the best choice for them.

Looxie LX 2 Video Camera


Looxcie LX 2 Video Camera Features:

Instant clip creation and sharing to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, i-Cloud

  • Adjustable design for optimizing fit and comfort
  • Up to 5 hours of video storage
  • Lightweight design: only 22g (less than 1 oz. )
  • Clips saved in iTunes-compatible format (mp4)


Where Looxcie LX 2 is giving you the benefits, there are many other things to observe and practice to set your hands on Looxcie LX 2. Real challenge is to adjust when wearing. You need to find out if camera is giving you the exact view as you’re seeing it with your eyes. For such purpose, you can use pair up your phone and Use the Looxcie Free Application to stream live video on your mobile phone. You can use this application to adjust proper view.

You can use Looxcie Free Application to view the record video clips. Video that application shows, is not good quality. Looxcie LX 2 records much more higher than it displays on application.

Along with all this, you’ll have to practice of avoiding shaking your head more to avoid jerky video.

So grab it soon. And because of its design resemblance with bluetooth earphone, it doesn’t grab anyone’s eye. So, shoot your moments in bits while no one will notice.



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