13 Raspberry Pi Projects

Magic Mirror

1. Pi in the SkyRaspberry Pi

Pi in the sky is GPS radio tracker board for the Raspberry pi. It is designed to track GPS and transmit radios and uses UHF radio transmitter that is legal in Europe(You can check your area’s regulations). Pi in the Sky is mostly used to track the flights of high altitude balloons. It uses radio receiver on ground with a computer and an aerial. One of the most awesome Raspberry Pi Project.

It features:


  • Temperature sensor
  • Highly sensitive UBlox GPS receiver approved for altitudes up to 50km
  • Efficient built-in power regulator providing run time of over 20 hours from 4 AA cells
  • Allows use of Raspberry Pi camera
  • Battery voltage monitoring

The open-source software provides these features:

  • Radio telemetry with GPS and sensor data using UKHAS standard
  • Radio image download using SSDV standard
  • Multi-threaded to maximize use of the radio bandwidth
  • Variable image size according to altitude
  • Stores full-definition images as well as smaller transmitted images
  • Automatically chooses better images for download
  • Configurable via text file in the Windows-visible partition of the SD card

2. Temperature And Humidity SensorTemprature and Humidity Sensor

This raspberry pi project detects Temperature and humidity. It can be perfectly fit in your server room where you have to keep track of temperature and humidity. It uses sensors to detect temperature. You just need to set Pi Server on rack or wall in office or home with the any communication channel and it’ll be giving your updates timely.

3. Raspberry Pi Web ServerRaspberry Pi

Raspberry pi can be used as a web server. You can use it for some advanced web Applications to serve on your network. You can use it along Temperature and humidity sensor to provide you updates through different protocols.

4. The DrambleRaspberry Pi

The Dramble is the raspberry pi project with few raspberry pi devices stacked and networked together. You can use it for multiple processors to process as same time. E.g: Content Management System ? It just need knowledge of networking more than a little.

5. The Pirate BoxRaspberry Pi Pirate Box

The Pirate box is DIY anonymous off-line file sharing serving. It provides offline communication and file sharing services. Connecting to PirateBox wireless connection, user is redirected to PirateBox welcome page. Where they can set various things like sharing media and posting and commenting as well as listening and streaming music and videos.

6. Dog Treat Dispensing RobotRaspberry Pi Dog Treat Pi

This one is a bit complex, I’ll admit that. But who can resist a robot that gives treat to a puppy? The YouTube possibilities alone make this a compelling project. If you need specifics on what you’ll learn, think switches and servos. Since servos are the most common way that embedded control projects make things move, it’s worth getting to know them.

7. XBMC Media CenterRaspberry Pi Media Center

Who doesn’t need a good media center these days? With all the input types that the average television set must deal with, a simple box of switches no longer suffices for turning streams of bits into the beautiful programs that will leave you dazed and entertained for days on end. This Project doesn’t require much in the way of hardware hacking (for either the electronics or the case), though you’re free to let your creativity run wild on the case design if that’s your thing. One way or the other, though, you’ll learn a great deal about standard input and output methods, basic switching, and dealing with storage. And at the end, your house will be the one everyone wants to visit when sports season is in full swing.

8. Robo Photo DollyRaspberry Pi Robo Phot Dolly

You know those great shots in movies when the camera smoothly moves from one side of the scene to another? When you’re ready to put a lot of things together, this project is a good way to do it. A (much larger version of a) dolly like this one is how it’s done. With this project you learn to control a motor, control an external device through a single pin, use precise timing, and keep it all synchronized. There’s a little bit of hardware involved but it’s nothing dramatic.

Though the shots you can get with this rig are dramatic, indeed.

So those are my 10 projects for learning IoT concepts with R aspberry Pi. What did you think? Are there projects you’ve done with the RasPi to learn about both the platform and the IoT? Share your nominations for the best projects I missed. I’ll look forward to hearing about them in the comments.

9. Erica the RhinoRaspberry Pi Erica the Rhino

The last project we’ll look at isn’t really something you can do at home, but it is a downright cool use of the Raspberry Pi.

This art installation by the University of Southampton’s Electronics and Computer Science team is powered by five Raspberry Pi devices that allow the Rhino to move its ears, send out and read tweets, make Rhino sounds, and even interact with nearby viewers via smartphones. Erica has her own website where you can find out more about this interesting art experiment

10. Semi-autonomous quad-copterRaspberry Pi Quad Copter

Andy Baker, Pi enthusiast has built his own semi-autonomous quad-copter that comes programmed with its own flight plan. This is a more expensive and mechanically intense project, but what’s more rewarding than building your own Raspberry Pi-powered miniature vehicle?

11. In/out boardRaspberry Pi In Out Pi

It’s a raspberry pi Project that keeps the track of roommates or family member. It can identify who is present around. You can set activities over it. All you need is Bluetooth USB dongle, and Raspberry Pi.

This project requires that everyone have Bluetooth activated on their smartphones, so the Raspberry Pi can identify which devices are present. Any time someone is in range of home, the display shows that they’re present (or at least that their smartphone is).

12. Magic mirrorRaspberry Pi Magic Mirror

Michael Teeuw developed a high tect mirror that shows weather, time and news headlines while you’re getting ready. It’s killer raspberry pi project that inspired many others to develop their own version of magical mirror.

13. Pi-rate RadioRaspberry Pi Pi Radio

A simple, but effective hack from Make shows how you can turn your Raspberry Pi into a mobile FM transmitter to share your tunes with those around you. The beauty of this project is its simplicity. All you need is the Raspberry Pi basics—SD card, a power source, and the Raspberry Pi—plus a piece of wire for an antenna, some basic tools, and about an hour of your time.

The site also warns you to be careful about choosing a broadcast band for your new transmitter. If you start pumping tunes on government bands or a band used by a licensed radio station, you could quickly end up in more trouble than the project is worth.



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