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whatsappTechnology needs are increased so much, that we always need more of it to perform our daily life tasks. Now-a-days, mostly phones are dual sim. And most of the apps are also based on phone number. When it comes to use same application with two different numbers, Play store doesn’t allow to install same application twice. Whatsapp is the most common communication application in mobile phone that needs mobile number to sign up. I’ll describe on how to install multiple Whatsapp on Android phone.

A lot of applications are developed on Daily bases and get posted on playstore. So the mods also, to make that applications more customized and giving more abilities to perform for the end-user. There are a lot of mods available for different applications that are customized and giving users ease to surf internet and social media.

There are many mods available for the playstore apps. I’ll describe few of them as follow. Different WhatsApp mods are available that are not on PlayStore but exists. Mods need manual installation and upgradations. Following are few whatsapp mods:

Learn how to decrypt WhatsApp Database on Non-rooted Phone.


It is a 3-copy, a copy of the official attribution allowance and a copy to run a second account and a copy to run a third account based on the latest version of the WTSP 2.17.427 application and supports all the android devices as well as other features.

You can download GBWhatsapp HERE.

GBWhatsApp Features:

  • Ability to hide appearances
  • Privacy options
  • You can send group messages to groups
  • Hide any conversation
  • You can now stop the Internet from the WhatsApp and keep the Internet working in other programs
  • You can upload video in the case of 7 minutes instead 30 seconds
  • Ability to send scheduled messages
  • You can retrieve any messages after sending them and will be deleted from all the devices sent to them
  • You can disable the automatic loading of the media for each conversation separately
  • You can send a message or call a number not saved in your device such as the application Viper
  • Possibility to know who visited your profile or come online
  • the possibility of setting lock password
  • Ability to send a video size of 30 MB instead of 16 MB
  • Ability to send a clip size of up to 100 megabytes instead of 16 megabytes
  • Ability to send 90 photos of a single batch instead of 10
  • Possibility to put the increase the number of characters to 250 instead of 139
  • Counter statistics for groups
  • Preview media without downloading
  • Possibility to hide the name and the date when copying letters or more
  • Ability to copy the case
  • Possibility of changing the program format, and change the icon of the program and notifications
  • Ability to send images with high accuracy
  • Ability to stop receiving calls for anyone you want or for everyone
  • Possible Displays the messages of any person in the group separately from the messages of the rest of the members
  • The program will send you an alert if your friend changed his personal picture


This is another mod for Whatsapp. It comes with two variants. One is as same as Whatsapp from the Playstore but customized. And one with the same abilities but different name. You can download and install both at the same time.

You can download one variant (com.whatsapp) HERE and other variant (com.yowhatsapp) HERE.

YOWhatsApp Features

  • Media Privacy! Hide WhatsApp Media (Images/Videos/GIFs) from phone gallery
  • Switch between old and new emojis
  • 90% fixed delay in Custom Hide second tick for CONTACTS.
  • Lock Design
  • New Emojis
  • Option to remove custom privacy for a contact (YoMods > Privacy > Custom privacy)
  • Recent/Viewed bar background color in Status (Option 2.1.9)
  • Recent/Viewed bar text color in Status (Option 2.1.10)
  • Change colour of message counter text colour (Option 2.1.2)
  • Option to disable vibration in pattern (Option 6.0.6)
  • Search in Storage usage
  • Group members search (when members > 10)
  • Group admin settings, waiting server activation
  • Custom Privacy changing randomly (Please check YoMods > Privacy > Custom privacy)
  • Swipe to exit
  • Speed entering the conversation
  • Fixed choosing lock wallpaper for some phones (Option 6.0.4)
  • Opening Verified contacts info
  • com.yowhatsapp2 to run 3rd YoWA number



  • Another method which we found on a lot of sites is to install an app called GBWhatsApp, but this involves installing the app via APK, which does have a small element of risk involved. Besides that, it’s only useful for a single scenario, which is running dual WhatsApp, so we believe that using Parallel Space is a better choice.

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