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– After all, it’s what i have done that makes me what i am –

My name is Ahsan and i’m a Java Developer. I discontinued conventional education, as grades were trying to define my career. I started learning development online and employed in a company as an IT Administrator. I have strong interest in Networking.
As internet has served me a lot, I decided to run this blog to share information and tweaks i have been researching and applying. One problem, ten solutions. Not ten solutions are applicable for all. So what is working for me, I want it to be one of ten solutions.
As i started blog, response on few articles was so good that motivated me more to continue it as part time work. I love to experiment and learn and share it to others. Job doesn’t let me dedicate more of my time to research, so i decided to dedicate few hours of my day to research.

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Ahsan Mahmood