Transfer Emails from Outlook to Thunderbird

Transfer Emails from Outlook to Thunderbird

Email clients are most useful utilities to handle your business operation communications. Emails are considered most precious assets. It tracks all the communications that are useful for almost every department in any organization. Managing emails got easier with email clients now-a-days. New features are being introduced in every new version of email client. Where transferring from one email client to another is one of hectic thing. Most of email clients support data files of each other. Therefore, making it easy to transfer. But Transferring Emails from Outlook to Thunderbird is one of difficult task because Outlook’s data file format (.pst) is incompatible with Thunderbird. Following article will guide you how to transfer emails from Outlook to Thunderbird.

Transfer Emails from Outlook to Thunderbird:

Thunderbird supports .mbox file format. It doesn’t import emails directly from Outlook data file or using other utility. There are many paid softwares available for this purpose. But a very simple trick can help you transfer all your emails. So, Let’s start.

Make any free email account. For me, Yahoo was the best for this purpose. If you have one already, your time is saved. Open Outlook application. And configure your yahoo email account on IMAP configuration. Go to newly configured mailbox. You can create new folder with the names to keep track of emails, or you can move your emails directly to Inbox and sent items. Just go to your mailbox that you want to transfer from Outlook to Thunderbird. Select your emails, and move it to desired folder in Yahoo mailbox. You can move your folders also. And let it synchronize. It’ll take time depending upon your emails data. You can check the status of synchronization by pressing F9 on outlook. Once synchronization is done, you can close outlook.

Open Thunderbird, and configure Yahoo email box. And let all your emails synchronize in Thunderbird. Once emails are loaded, Move your emails in local folder. And also you can configure your other email accounts and move your emails to concerned mailbox.

To speed up the process, do MultiTasking. Open Outlook and Thunderbird side by side. Configure Yahoo account on both clients and let it synchronize at the same time. In time, you’ll get your emails transferred from Outlook to Thunderbird.


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